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August 18


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If there are three things you should know about me, then they are as follows:

My name is Sampson Allison. This rhymes and sounds strange when you say it. Sampson Allison. Say it, and you'll see. I go by Sammy, which though childish, is better than rhyme. The p too is also unnecessary.

I have a dead sister. Yes, that's right. My sister Lena was murdered. Now, how do I put it? Well, this destroyed everything I suppose. My mum was devastated, she drinks a lot actually, and me? They say it made me strange. Like my name.

I like to write things down. If you don't, then they become nothing. It is best to record it all than leave nothing behind. Like Lena did.

Actually, I suppose there's more than three things. I'm fifteen, I'm scared of death and I like bugs. Right now, I'm on holiday, the house is too big and there are too many people.

As introductions go, I'm guessing this has put you off.
The foster sister is waiting outside my bedroom door when I wake up. Mum looks after her sometimes-  I think it makes her feel needed. Or that Lena is still here. Her and Lena would go shopping and do girly things but I can't fulfil those needs so she gets a random kid to do it for her instead. I suppose it's like talking to a psychiatrist.
The foster sister's name is T'Erica. I don't know why it needs the extra T. It sounds funny.
She is funny herself to be perfectly honest- she wants to play with me. Dominoes, snap, babies. Every time I tell her to go away, yet still she asks. Children are strange, I hate them.
She's crying now, maybe she was before. Mum says I don't notice these things.
Well, I don't, they're not important.
We went to the beach earlier, a rocky one with pools. Mum told me I was too old to have a net, yet she bought the foster sister one. She's a coward, the foster sister. I was standing in the pools, letting all the shrimp run over my feet and she started wailing because she was worried they were going to eat her. How stupid. Mum says it's because  of 'what happened to her', but I don't know what that is since I'm not allowed to know. Anyhow, she gave up on her net and I took it as my own. I caught a goby, a big one - I showed the foster sister and she ran away so I showed it to a random kid. I gave it to him to show his brother. We left shortly after, due to rain.
I like the rain, it gets rid of people and brings out slugs. I'd say they're preferable.
My mother likes to reminisce. Everyone does but her especially. She talks about Lena a lot, lingering in the past, talking about things that are gone. I do too, but only bugs which I've put back.
Today it was about a cafe in a house that was there when she was a child but is now gone. It is hidden now behind a bush, away from the world.
Maybe there's someone dead behind there.
That's what my brain said.
Sometimes I think that Lena talks to me. She's in my head, just now and then. That was a Lena line. She was obsessed with murder, it killed her so I hate lines like that.
Sometimes I hate Lena too.
I want to go to the house, Lena needs me to.
I can't though, not today. We're going on a walk. Mum's promised me rare butterflies.
I peeked through the bush though, it's not boarded up which is strange. They always do board things up, to stop squatters and burglars. I'm worried squatters will get into our house whilst we're away and not give it back - this scared the foster sister too so Mum told me to stop.
There's something about the house though - there's no cobwebs in the window - that's strange for an abandoned building, right?
Lena would notice more things and she will do soon.
The first part to a short story I plan to write. I was just experimenting with the style nd getting used to the character :)

Read the rest here:…

Writing is mine.
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Nihil-Invictus Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I was actually really shocked by this and I thought it was autobiographical. Well done.
sheepyblue Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
Thank you :)
The-Waffle-Kid Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
I liked it. ^-^
sheepyblue Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
Glad you did, thank s for reading :)
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